Mahalo, Singapore

What an awesome way to be introduced to this adventure I’m about to embark on. Singapore’s incredibly friendly culture has provided a perfect window to start my trek. Although I don’t feel like I’m in Singapore right now (if you’re Asian and you’re in the departure area, you’re a minority. This place is infested with Aussies. Crickey! Furthermore, I just got a sandwich from Subway and Rihanna is playing over the speakers), I still got a good chunk of the city during my 2 day layover.

I thought I was going to head down to Jakarta yesterday actually. Took the MRT all the way to the airport only to find out that it was January 31st – not February 1st. I got the whole concept of Asia being a day ahead ass-backwards. My bad. Luckily, after befriending one of the staff at the hostel, I gave him a ring, blubbering about my stupidity, and managed to reserve a bed. Thanks, Nicky.

Unlike the first night, when I was rooming solo, I shared the dorm with two other ladies. One from Thailand and the other from the motherland, Indonesia. The girl from Thailand told me about “Songkran” a week-long festival that happens every April in various cities in Thailand. It’s some sort of New Years Day celebration, and she emphasized the fact that everyone has water guns, and that there’s a whole lot of bombarding each other with good ol’ H2O. Can’t complain. Apparently April is one of the hottest months there.

On another note, my taxi driver that drove me on the first night to the hostel was the coolest lad. A simply smashing conversation we had indeed. He was talking about the importance in education, and how in Singapore people take it very seriously, regardless of how difficult it is. Kudos to all you Singaporeans. This dude, however, dropped out of school when he was just 8 years young. I wouldn’t have guessed it though: super skilled in linguistics (fluent in English via taxi driving; Malay from doing business in Indonesia). He even gave my props for my Indonesian. Sweet! I don’t sound like a typewriter, after all.

And on a final note, I just want to say the bathrooms in the airport are crazy gorgeous. I really want to take some photos of them, but would I look like a pervert? I don’t know. But I don’t want to take a chance. Let’s just say I feel like a king on a throne when I’m taking a piss. Too descriptive? I don’t care – I drink water, get over it.

Mahalo, Singapore. See you in 3 months.


One thought on “Mahalo, Singapore

  1. Loo photos? Why not, but check out the laws in Singapore. Possibly, there is the threat of 30 lashes with soggy ramyen for snapping a shot of a member (Pun, like totally, unintended! — But that IS funny, eh?) of the opposite gender

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