Makassar, Thus Far

Yup, so as per usual with any beginner’s blog, the gap between posts are clearly quite large. I’ll just cut to the chase anyways: I’m here in Makassar, South Sulawesi, one of the more eastern islands of Indonesia (if you’re having troubles locating that on a map, it’s the chunk of land that looks like a lowercase “H”). However, I’ve been up to some stuff between Singapore and Makassar, so in point form, here it is:

  • In Jakarta I chillaxed with some family members: ate my heart out on satay ayam and lontong; a few motorbike rides here and there; and a jolly good trip to the beer garden on Block M (which leads to an incredibly haggard morning – sweating in your sleep due to the humid temperatures… not the most splendid thing to wake up to).
  • Compared and contrasted drug, sex and alcohol culture in Canada to Indonesia: homosexuality is still seen as taboo; drug use has insane penalties, but the substances that’s common amongst youth isn’t your average hash or pot – it’s snorting cocaine or perhaps tripping on some¬†hallucinogenic; and as for alcohol, y’all probably were with me and thought that Indonesia might have swept the idea of consumption under the rug as the country with the world’s largest Muslim population… we were wrong, people. Alcohol is big here.
  • Arrival in Makassar as of February 6.

Since then I’ve been touring around the city thanks to the uncle of my homestay (he’s actually a fella who did an exchange program with my mom back in the day). So as it stands, I work in a school 2 days a week, an English learning centre for another 2 days, and a food court on Fridays by Losari Beach to practice my Bahasa. With the weekends off, I have my own leisure time, which has ironically been booked: Tana Toraja, Tanjung Bira (birthday weekend, aw yeah), and Masamba. This weekend was actually my only weekend in Makassar, and I think I spent it pretty wisely. Went on what was suppose to be a snorkeling trip to Samalona Island which then turned into scuba diving courtesy of and Indonesian holding a PR in Holland. Thanks, Patrick. The marine life was stunning. A cloud of clownfish with rose-like corals covered the drop-off that we were exploring. The occassional debris of dead coral was disappointing. Apparently ding dongs of commercial spearfishers are to thank for it. Bravo, homies. You just killed something that takes a year to grow one centimetre.

On another note, the food here is deadly. Definitely not for those seeking a low-cholesterol diet. We’ve been eating bubur ayam religiously, and recently I’ve tried out a few delicacies¬†(some of which you can only get in Makassar), including pisang ijo, pisang epe, susu telur madu jahe, and nasi kuning.

I leave you on a few notes as I hit the hay: congrats, Man. United; my cheeks resemble a shelless lobster (ROSEY, not red – there’s a difference); and I’ma hit up the market tomorrow.

Here’s some links to the awesome food/drinks I’ve been feasting on:


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