Selamat Hari Kasih Sayang

Happy Valentine’s Day from Makassar, folks! Not that I celebrate it, but just thought I’d give a shout to all the romantics out there. This day is going to be the source of my soon-to-be Beyonce booty. The students at my new school gave me a ton of chocolates, which was so pleasant to recieve. I had to do some re-gifting though… too much to handle. So I hooked up the security guard of the school who gave me a ride home on his motor bike with some Kit Kats, and almond chocolates for the maid at my homestay (who I may as well state is the grandest cook ever).

Teaching so far has been so interesting. The students never seize to impress me – not trying to sound like an aging hippie witch, but I really am bewildered and left in awe at the eagerness, skill and motivation that people obtain at such a young age. Consistantly wanting to be educated and always striving to learn new vocab. Makes me embarassed with regards to my broken Indonesian – and Spanish for that matter. Okay, my Mother Teresa moment is over.

Hope you all you love birds have a prime Valentine’s Day. Now leave me with my chocolates (hey, I’m burning calories just by sitting in a chair – it’s like 30+ degrees! Get off my case).


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