“Just Another Piece to Our Culture’s Puzzle” – Aristotle (Just Kidding)

Hm! Well, it’s been four-ish months since I last wrote, and it seems that a lot of the content in that post didn’t pan out the way that I expected it to…


  • I actually ended up getting into four classes, woo hoo!
  • Unfortunately, that meant not capitalizing on my hobbies and interests that I either wanted to improve or expand on.
  • However, one of the courses that I got into was a design course, which allowed me to exercise a different part of my noggin. Although the course was largely based on tediously painting individual swatches and assembling them in a precise fashion, I enjoyed it.
  • I’ve applied for an International Studies program at a bigger institution for Fall 2013.


  • I still miss the liberties and unconventional modes of learning that traveling offers.
  • My head is always boarding a jet plane to countries far away.
  • National Geographic mags = my Bible.
  • And what I’d like to mention: how grouchy I am (such a pessimist, ugh), because I realize that in order to study abroad, I got to ease off the traveling in order to set aside dough for studying at a field school for a year in a land far, far away. Why does this seem nearly impossible for me/why am I being such a drama mama? The last time that I left such a large gap for global excursions was seven years ago. And folks, let me tell ya’, I have this embarrassingly huge affair with globetrotting.
  • Notice a trend (hint: I’m a hybrid of mammal and airplane)?

Reunited with pals, but oh wait… dude on the left is wandering in Brazil. Jealin’.

Some bums hanging outside the Malkin Bowl.

The best and only Thanksgiving I’ve ever had (thanks to my Micronesian roots. What’s a turkey?).

ImageThe most successful Halloween costume ever.


  • Although at times messy and overwhelming, this so-called “academic path” is slowly unfolding.
  • Previously (and still from time to time), I had immense envy for my peers and acquaintances because of the “structure” that they had in comparison to my schmuck persona. But recently, I’ve noticed an increasing “meh” attitude on my behalf. Even though it’s obvious, I think that we are all embedded in this mindset where we constantly compare ourselves with others, even though it’s t-o-t-a-l-l-y irrational. It’s just the unfortunate reality of human nature, BABY. So readers, let’s just all get on the same level here: we are NOT on the same level. We’re all different! And thank Neptune for that.
  • That being said, I’ve come to appreciate, acknowledge and admire individuals and philosophies that take the time in evaluating themselves and pursuing whatever it may be (education, traveling, working, etc.), rather than jumping into a world where they follow what is ideal in society’s eyes.
  • Nonetheless, I still think that I (and many, many others) give up my own interests and dreams in order to become another piece in our culture’s puzzle.
  • But wait. Before y’all get pissed off at me, thinking that I’m finishing off on that particular note in the hopes of your appraisal and sympathy (which I am not seeking), the purpose of this lil’ segment is to paint the picture of where I am now: STILL a wee bit shady about where I sit in the post-secondary world, ALTHOUGH I’m temporarily sacrificing my passions, I DO having a more open mindset and inviting new ideas, EVEN THOUGH I’m overwhelmed and flustered from time to time academically, BUT I’m still investigating what opportunities and career paths I can take under the program I’ve applied to.
  • To end on a high note, my last semester turned out to be really good: managed to bump up my GPA; had good communication with instructors; and met some really groovy students. This semester will be challenging, but I’m going to go into it with a neutral mentality. And if times get stressful, I may just have to bust out into meditation or share some mantras in the middle of a lecture. Namaste.


  • I’m hoping to return to the neo-Woodstock A.K.A., Sasquatch in good company (fingers, toes, legs, eyeballs, etc. crossed).
  • That being said, if I can’t splurge my time and money on an exotic adventure, I’m exploring the idea of a classic Route 66 road trip post-Sasquatch. And in all honesty, that in itself sounds like an amazing journey: something I’ve never done before, new scenery, and right in my backyard (kinda).
  • (This looks like the perfect time for me to give a shout-out to my life guru: my papacito). So my dad was pretty much David Beckham growing up in England… in other words, he knew how to kick a soccer ball. But in all seriousness, because of not stretching regularly, he recently had to get some pretty intense surgery on his left knee. However, prior to his operation, he took a trip to Death Valley, California, where he rented a minivan, took some stellar photography, and enjoyed the tranquility of life on the road (ft. a few motels here and there). My point here is, is that I want to do this: have the confidence to squeeze small trips in between “regular” life. I feel incredibly honoured to say that my pa – rather than getting excessively anxious about a major operation in the bitter chill of Vancouver pre-surgery – enjoyed a moment to his vagabond self. Here are some shots he took:


  • And this just in, after having lunch with The Dude (my dad’s alter ego), I find out after getting the go ahead from the doc to get another operation on his right knee, he plans to go to Costa Rica before the surgery. What. I love it! Not only is this incredible because he’ll be chilling in a country known for its ecotourism, surf bums and lush rainforests, but also because Costa Rica is the birth country of where I caught the travel bug (Liberia, along the northern Pacific coast, circa 2008). I’ll regurgitate what I said earlier: I envy his confidence in casually country-hopping in between his daily life. Just wait ‘til May, dadiyo. I’ll make you proud when I destroy your car on my Route 66 trip (just kidding). But seriously, readers. This is beyond cool. Here are some photos from our adventure in 2008:

The Dude in Playa Conchal, Costa Rica.

Crossing the border to Nicaragua.

Chicken bus in Nicaragua.

ImageMariposas in Nicaragua.


I should end it here, since I did end on a high note, and I wouldn’t want to leave it any other way. So folks, I leave you with the great musical recommendation of a superb pal (which also ideally goes hand-in-hand with the nomadic theme of this post):

“Time Traveling” – @Peace