As That Canned Heat Tune Once Went

Due to both family matters and travel cravings, Gonzo is back on the road again, exploring without claims of objectivity. It all started in January when the news of engagement of a cousin was announced. The wedding, planned for late April, conveniently (that’s a lie) fit into my final exam schedule. This particular cousin, however, aint just any ol’ cousin. First off, and simply put: she’s the shit; the bee’s knees; the cat’s meow.

Last year, during my adventure abroad, when I was experiencing culture shock or homesickness, just chatting up a storm with this gal would ease the anxiety, and make my realize everything was gonna be A-OK. Further, the fact that she is (a) a brotha from another mutha and (b) a psychologist, she had this super power of being able to ‘read me’ and essentially pull the words out of my mouth when I struggled to express myself (damn, this paragraph is full of clichés, but I want us to all be on the same wavelength).
So, here I am, back in the motherland (Indonesia, by the way), learning more about my roots, with a side of adventure.

Some photos of the wedding in Medan, and the update that I’m currently in Senggigi, Lombok, zonked as ever due a 5:45 AM flight from Medan and a potential flu in the making (which makes for eyes as red as Cheech and Chong’s). Until then, zen out to this excerpt from The Art of the Pilgrimage:

“The word sacred comes from sacrifice, to cut up. That means that in order to have a sacred journey, you have to give up something, sacrifice.”

                Haven’t figured out what that sacrifice is yet, but my hopes are that it’ll be apparent during my time in this surfer’s paradise.

IMG_4259IMG_4260IMG_4263Prepping grub for the big day.


IMG_4293IMG_4310So, what happens here with the food, is that relatives of the bride and groom individually feed them as a blessing.


This gentleman explained the significance of each food article (e.g., the fish symbolizes freedom, I’m guessing the eggs have something to do with fertility, etc.)

IMG_4418Not enough food.


3 thoughts on “As That Canned Heat Tune Once Went

  1. Been there, done that. Yawn.
    (Ooops, sorry that was Eno+Cale, NOT Canned Heat)

    But anyways, good to see your Back In the Air and Ocean, not to mention The Road, my intrepid and seldom-daunted traveller friend. Again.
    My guess is that the eggs symbolize telur, or as we Mexicans say, ‘huevos’ — the root of which, as I’m sure you’ll notice, is the Latin ‘ovum’, or some such, which makes for an intriguing exploration into genderosity, being as ova are generally associated wiff chicks, and huevos with hombres. Another quirk which just yells out, “Hmmmm….”
    Travel safely, BonzoGonzo!

  2. Hey Amira! so great to see your photos of your amazing cousin’s wedding. The food looks sooooo good. You should go to Kembang Kuning in Lombok – right near Tete Batu – beautiful waterfall, gorgeous fertile land at the foot of Rinjani. Go talk to the Kepala Desa’s family. Faelan is a legend there!

    We also loved the Rinjani Trek – although my legs hurt for a long time afterwards! happy travelling you beauty! How long will you be there? Where are you going? Give our love to Herris and Jus and family. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    • Hey Robin, so nice to hear from you. Thanks for sharing a link to the blog on your Facebook, by the way 🙂

      Unfortunately we only had little time in Lombok, so I didn’t get to do any of these tantalizing excursions you speak of (I guess another excuse for us to head back together!).


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